Bookline Diamant MC Digital "Book of One"
for small and short runs of all types of books

Low print runs, such as reprints of books, are produced very efficiently in the highest quality with the Diamant MC Digital – whether they have rounded spines or straight spines.


Variable Rounding and Backing

Rounding and backing with the need for interchangeable parts within the same product family ensures efficient production of runs of as little as one.

Vario headbanding station

Headbands with backglued paper can be applied to book spines without the need to change rolls between the different sizes thanks to the variable-size Vario headbanding station.

«Book of one»-case hooper belt

The book cases of the following orders are pre-positioned exactly on the hardcover. Quick size changeovers are guaranteed thanks to the automated hopper inhibitor, even when the cover is fed in. This was specially developed for “book of one” production series when the print run is one copy.